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We are American, Super and European car repair specialist in Dubai provide professional car repair in Dubai. We are your Dealer alternative specialized Auto transmission, engine repair, Brakes repair and Suspension repair specialist

We always focus on 100% customer satisfaction, we do make sure that  your car is inspected properly and get a affordable quote from our service adviser

Welcome To Repair your car. An Auto Repair center You Can Trust. You will Find Dealer Alternative repair Service At Best Price. Call Our Service Advisor For More Information : +971549981269

Are you looking for a best place to repair your American and European car, Call us toll free : +971549981269, our Service Adviser will help you. Best Quality Car engine and Transmission repair center in Dubai. We have specialized Auto engine repair technician who has more than 10 year experience, expert in Engine overhauling, engine rebuilt and etc.

Our Services :

Gearbox repair specialist

We Are Specialized in Auto Gearbox Repair & Service. From Transmission Preventive Maintenance to Gearbox Rebuild & Overhauling. We Save You Cost On Your Gearbox / Transmission Repair. call us now +971549981269

Engine repair Specialist Dubai

Auto Engine Repair Specialists In  Dubai. We Are Experienced in using Advanced Tools To Diagnose Car’s Engine. Either You Own An Super car, An American Or European Car, Or Any Other Japanese Make. We Diagnose, Repair & Overhaul All Types Of Engines. Call our service adviser to book  for free inspection

Auto steering repair Dubai

Steering repair Dubai

We are car steering repair specialist in Dubai, Call our service adviser : +971549981269 for free steering checkup on your car. Steering Assembly Repair & Service. We can fix, If Your car Steering is Hard or Its Leaking. Steering Fluid checkup, Steering rack repair

Auto General Maintenance  Dubai

Auto General Maintenance and repair center in Dubai provide Professional car repair service. Car Major service, Auto minor service, Auto intermediate service. 5k,10k,15k,20k,30k,35k,40k Service, 50k,60k,70k,80k,90k,100k. Dealer alternative, Use same quality Oil use in Agency

Auto Brakes repair Dubai

Professional car brakes repair center in Dubai. Brake pad replacement, Brake Disc replacement. Free Brake Performance Inspection, Brake Fluid Change, Brake Rotors Refacing. We are specialized in car brakes repair in Dubai. We use original Genuine parts as per car make specification.

Auto Suspension repair Dubai

We are Auto suspension repair specialist in Dubai, Call our service adviser : +971549981269 for free suspension checkup on your car. Car Shocks, Struts, Axles, Complete Under Car Suspension, Alignments. We are leading Car suspension repair specialist in Dubai provides exceptional auto suspension service & repair

Auto Coolant flushing Dubai

car coolant flushing

Are you getting any sign in your dashboard on coolant low, if yes, call us : +971549981269 We can perform a free inspection on your coolant system and fix it. Quality car Coolant Flushing. Keep Your car’s Cooling System Maintained. Coolant leakage repair, Coolant tank replacement

Car painting Service Dubai

Best place to paint your car in a affordable pricing, call us +971549981269 for booking. Full car painting service, car scratch repair, Auto bumper repair & painting, Car rim repair and painting, Alloy wheel painting, Head light polishing and etc. Maintain showroom Look, Auto panel Painting, Exact color matching, Auto dent repair. We are high facilitated paint booth and equipment to perform car painting

Auto Convertible roof Repair

Are you facing any issue with your convertible roof, call us : +971549981269, we diagnose your car’s convertible roof system and repair it. Convertible leakage repair, Convertible roof mechanism repair, Convertible sensor failure repair. Our Convertible roof specialized technicians are well experienced in dealing with all convertible related issues.

Pre purchase inspection Dubai

Are you buying a second hand from a buyer?, Do you know what has to be inspected before you buy the car?. Call  +971549981269, Our service adviser will help you to get a comprehensive pre purchase inspection on your car. The main objective of Pre purchase inspection to find out any faults of car buying, usually buyers does not have technical knowledge to understand car issue.

Auto polishing & Interior Detailing Dubai

Professional car polishing & interior Detailing center in Dubai. We do high quality car polishing work in Dubai. Car interior cleaning, Auto Deep detailing service, More than 10 year experience. If you are looking for a Best quality car Polishing and Detailing service in Dubai ? call us  : +971549981269 Our Service adviser will give you reasonable quote and help you get your car shine forever

Auto Ceramic coating Dubai

Auto ceramic coating Dubai

Best CarCeramic coating center in Dubai. 3 year warranty, 5 layer coating, Quality car polishing prior to the ceramic liquid application. We are Auto Ceramic coating specialist in Dubai, Call us  now : +971549981269  for booking.

Auto Oil Service Dubai

Auto oil change service Dubai

Car Oil service center in Dubai, provides Quality synthetic oil service for all car models. Call us : +971549981269  now. Auto oil change, oil filter change, Air Filter Cleaning, Computerized service reset. Free car Computer Scanning & Car Wash.

Auto Upholstery services Dubai

Auto Upholstery service Dubai

Auto upholstery specialist in Dubai, Call us  now : +971549981269  for inquiry. Auto Dashbord repair, Leather seat replacement, Leather restoration, Auto door panel repair, Headliner repair Dubai. Seat belt repair/replacement.

Auto Rim and Caliper Painting Dubai

Rim and Caliper painting Dubai

We are your Car rim repair & restoration specialist in Dubai, Auto rim painting specialist, Auto rim color enhancement, Car caliper painting service Dubai. Exact color matching painting service.

Why you repair your car with us ?

  • Free Comprehensive Inspection With Computer Diagnostics
  • Free estimate & Quote
  • Free Computer Scanning & Report
  • Free service advise from our experts
  • Free pickup and Delivery 24/7
  • Highly qualified & experienced technicians
  • Quality Service At competitive Price.

We are Specialized in :

No matter Which American, super & European car you drive, We have all factory Dealer tools for all brands to repair the car with agency specifications. Our Service advisers has more than 10 year experience in Auto repair industry especially related to American and European cars

We are specialized in :

  • – Auto engine repair and rebuild Dubai
  • – Car Transmission/Gearbox repair Dubai
  • – Auto suspension repair Dubai
  • – Auto Brakes repair specialist
  • – Specialized in Pre purchase inspection
  • – Auto Major/Minor service Dubai

Car Service Packages:

AUTO MINOR SERVICE PACKAGE (every 10,000 kilometers interval):

  • Replace Engine Oil Filter and Engine Oil using Audi recommended viscosity, fully synthetic Engine Oil
  • Full Car Service Inspection (35 point checklist)
  • Clean Car Engine Air Filter and AC cabin Filter
  • Check and top up all fluids (coolant and wiper, washer fluid)
  • Car wash


  • Replace Engine Oil Filter and Engine Oil using recommended viscosity, fully synthetic engine oil
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Replace AC cabin Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Replace Drive Belt
  • Flush old coolant out and refill with new coolant
  • Full Service Inspection (35 point checklist)
  • Check AC gas and refill in necessary
  • Rotate tires if necessary
  • Washing and Vacuum


  • Car Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Replace Air filter
  • Check and replace brake oil
  •  Replace Ac filter
  • Full car inspection
  • Car wash & vacuum

American and European car repair specialist in Dubai :

We are Specialized in Major Car Repair Service & Regular Car Maintenance, Car Painting & Polishing. If You Are Looking For An Engine Repair, Transmission Rebuild, Suspension repair Or ABS Repair, Sunroof Repair, Air Bag Repair, Air Conditioner Service, Convertible roof repair, Auto Ac repair, Computer Diagnosis, Scanning & Programming. Our Experienced & Qualified Service advisers and Technicians Will Take Care Of any car repair service you required.

Second Hand car comprehensive inspection Service :

We are specialized in Pre purchase inspection in Dubai to Help You Make A Better Decision Of Your Investment in Buying Of A Second hand Car In UAE. Call our service adviser @ +971549981269, One of our service adviser will help you for booking the service

Our Car repair Gallery :

Ferrari repair DubaiMercedes benz repair DubaiHummer repair DubaiRange Rover repair DubaiBentley repair DubaiBmw repair DubaiChevrolet repair DubaiBentley repair Dubai

  We are Specialized in : 

Mclaren repair Dubai

  • Mclaren Engine Repair
  • Mclaren Transmission Repair
  • Mclaren Air Conditioning Repair
  • Mclaren Suspension Repair
  • Mclaren Brakes Repair
  • Mclaren Steering repair
  • Mclaren upholstery work
  • Mclaren Body panting work
  • Mclaren carbon fiber work

Aston Martin repair Dubai

Aston martin repair Dubai Logo

  • Aston Martin Engine Repair
  • Aston Martin Transmission Repair
  • Aston Martin Air Conditioning Repair
  • Aston Martin Suspension Repair
  • Aston Martin Brakes Repair
  • Aston Martin Steering repair
  • Aston Martin upholstery work
  • Aston Martin Body panting work
  • Aston Martin carbon fiber work

BMW repair Dubai

BMW repair Dubai

  • BMW Engine Repair
  • BMW Transmission Repair
  • BMW Air Conditioning Repair
  • BMW Suspension Repair
  • BMW Brakes Repair
  • BMW Steering repair
  • BMW upholstery work
  • BMW Body panting work
  • BMW carbon fiber work

Mercedes Benz repair Dubai

Mercedes Benz repair Dubai

  • Mercedes Benz Engine Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Air Conditioning Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Suspension Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Brakes Repair
  • Mercedes Benz Steering repair
  • Mercedes Benz upholstery work
  • Mercedes Benz Body panting work
  • Mercedes Benz carbon fiber work

Audi repair Dubai

  • Audi repair Dubai
  • Audi Engine Repair
  • Audi Transmission Repair
  • Audi Air Conditioning Repair
  • Audi Suspension Repair
  • Audi Brakes Repair
  • Audi Steering repair
  • Audi upholstery work
  • Audi Body panting work
  • Audi carbon fiber work

Porsche repair Dubai

Porsche repair Dubai

  • Porsche Engine Repair
  • Porsche Transmission Repair
  • Porsche Air Conditioning Repair
  • Porsche Suspension Repair
  • Porsche Brakes Repair
  • Porsche Steering repair
  • Porsche upholstery work
  • Porsche Body panting work
  • Porsche carbon fiber work

Volkswagen repair Dubai

Volkswagen repair Dubai

  • Volkswagen Engine Repair
  • Volkswagen Transmission Repair
  • Volkswagen Air Conditioning Repair
  • Volkswagen Suspension Repair
  • Volkswagen Brakes Repair
  • Volkswagen Steering repair
  • Volkswagen upholstery work
  • Volkswagen Body panting work
  • Volkswagen carbon fiber work

Mini cooper repair Dubai

Mini cooper repair

  • Mini Cooper Engine Repair
  • Mini Cooper Transmission Repair
  • Mini Cooper Air Conditioning Repair
  • Mini Cooper Suspension Repair
  • Mini Cooper Brakes Repair
  • Mini Cooper Steering repair
  • Mini Cooper upholstery work
  • Mini Cooper Body panting work
  • Mini Cooper carbon fiber work

Dodge repair Dubai

Dodge repair Logo Dubai

  • Dodge Engine Repair
  • Dodge Transmission Repair
  • Dodge Air Conditioning Repair
  • Dodge Suspension Repair
  • Dodge Brakes Repair
  • Dodge Steering repair
  • Dodge upholstery work
  • Dodge Body panting work
  • Dodge carbon fiber work

Range Rover repair Dubai

Range Rover repair logo Dubai

  • Range Rover Engine Repair
  • Range Rover Transmission Repair
  • Range Rover Air Conditioning Repair
  • Range Rover Suspension Repair
  • Range Rover Brakes Repair
  • Range Rover Steering repair
  • Range Rover upholstery work
  • Range Rover Body panting work
  • Range Rover carbon fiber work

Chevrolet repair Dubai

Chevrolet repair logo Dubai

  • Chevrolet Engine Repair
  • Chevrolet Transmission Repair
  • Chevrolet Air Conditioning Repair
  • Chevrolet Suspension Repair
  • Chevrolet Brakes Repair
  • Chevrolet Steering repair
  • Chevrolet upholstery work
  • Chevrolet Body panting work
  • Chevrolet carbon fiber work

Ford repair Dubai

Ford repair logo Dubai

  • Ford Engine Repair
  • Ford Transmission Repair
  • Ford Air Conditioning Repair
  • Ford Suspension Repair
  • Ford Brakes Repair
  • Ford Steering repair
  • Ford upholstery work
  • Ford Body panting work
  • Ford carbon fiber work

Cadillac repair Dubai

Cadillac repair Dubai Logo

  • Cadillac Engine Repair
  • Cadillac Transmission Repair
  • Cadillac Air Conditioning Repair
  • Cadillac Suspension Repair
  • Cadillac Brakes Repair
  • Cadillac Steering repair
  • Cadillac upholstery work
  • Cadillac Body panting work
  • Cadillac carbon fiber work

Hummer repair Dubai

Hummer repair Logo Dubai

  • Hummer Engine Repair
  • Hummer Transmission Repair
  • Hummer Air Conditioning Repair
  • Hummer Suspension Repair
  • Hummer Brakes Repair
  • Hummer Steering repair
  • Hummer upholstery work
  • Hummer Body panting work
  • Hummer carbon fiber work


Jeep repair Dubai

Jeep repair logo Dubai

  • Jeep Engine Repair
  • Jeep Transmission Repair
  • Jeep Air Conditioning Repair
  • Jeep Suspension Repair
  • Jeep Brakes Repair
  • Jeep Steering repair
  • Jeep upholstery work
  • Jeep Body panting work
  • Jeep carbon fiber work


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